Infineco - Building a Sustainable Future
Wednesday, March 22 2023
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McCaughey will Address Sustainable Building and Waste-to-Energy Solutions, as well as the Role of Government in Encouraging Adoption of Green Technologies

CHICAGO – Gerry McCaughey, CEO of the El Segundo-based green consulting firm Infineco LLC, will participate in the upcoming Clinton Global Initiative America Conference June 29 and 30 in Chicago.

McCaughey, a pioneer in Europe’s sustainability movement, who oversaw the development of one of the first net-zero energy residential structures, will share insights as a panelist in two of the Conference’s working groups – High-Performance and Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure Growth: Leveraging Technological and Regional Assets.

He was invited to take part in the conference as a result of his recent work on behalf of MaxWest Environmental Systems. MaxWest is currently involved with the commercialization of an innovative waste-to-energy technology for wastewater processing, and McCaughey, who also serves as Chairman of MaxWest, spearheaded a recent effort that raised $32.5 million in third-round funding from an international investor.

The focus of this year’s CGI America is economic recovery and job growth. For more information on the conference, visit