Infineco - Building a Sustainable Future
Thursday, November 26 2015
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"Wood is carbon neutral (Because trees absorb CO2 as they grow). In fact, because of the carbon sink effect of the forests, wood from sustainably managed forests can actually be better than carbon neutral"
Source: Wood For Good
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Infineco was founded by Gerry McCaughey, who has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement in Europe for the past two decades. With a proven track record of leading one of Europe’s award-winning green building companies and influencing both industry-wide standards and environmental legislation, McCaughey possesses first-hand knowledge of what is fact and what is fiction as businesses transition to a sustainable future.

Mission of the Company

To advise companies involved with the built environment and renewable energy on solutions that provide long-term competitive advantages, while maximizing their profit potential and minimizing the risks.

Industry Sectors Served:

  • Sustainable Building
    • Green building products and services
    • Offsite Construction (OSC)
    • Offsite Manufacturing (OSM)
  • Renewable Energy
    • Landfill Gas / Green Gas
    • Solar
    • Waste-to-Energy
    • Wood Biomass

Services Offered

Infineco’s core services include:

  • Strategic sustainability audits and reviews
  • Market-entry strategy development
  • Distribution channel expansion
  • Offsite construction (OSC) and offsite manufacturing (OSM) planning and implementation
  • Investment potential analysis for venture capital funding

For more detailed information, see Consulting Services.